Why work with Panthera Energy Trading?

Transferring yesterday's experience into tomorrow's decision

Optimizing bunkering
is our business

But the bunker business is not just a matter of price...

Besides price, aspects like bunkering location, supplier selection, focus on quality, deciding on the right quantities, availability and schedule of bunker barges, and schedule of receiving vessels should be considered before making decisions on the bunker purchase.


Trusted advisor

We strive to earn status as trusted advisor– thereby we create maximum value. How do we work to become the trusted advisor?

We advise and optimize on all parameters!

Panthera is a 100% independent company

We don’t have any shareholders, no politics nor no positioning  that might have an impact on how we conduct our business. Being truly independent offers us the possibility and flexibility to navigate in our fast-paced business environment that requires quick decisions.

We only focus on the needs of our customers – if they succeed – we succeed

Our Customers

Our values


Loyalty to our customers means that we act in their best interest from a total cost of ownership perspective. We believe that loyalty creates long lasting relationships.


We treat suppliers and customers with fairness. We honour our business relationships. “OUR WORD IS OUR BOND”


We believe in transparency. By being transparent towards our customers and suppliers we create the maximum benefits to our customers


We are committed to our customers. We are passionate about our work. We are using creativity and perseverance to obtain our one goal: To earn the right to act as trusted bunker advisor on our customers’ behalf.

General Contact

E-Mail: energy@pantheraenergy.com
Phone: +49 40 555 022 00